About GPN Netherlands


GPN Netherlands has two Dutch members within the network, namely Oostenrijk Touringcars (1922) and Maaskant Reizen (1923), both companies are family owned companies with a long history and many years of experiences within the travel and transportation industry. The network in the Netherlands is one of the founders of the GPN which is established in 2006. We are more than willing to provide you with more information about our country, our network and quotation offcourse.

Oostenrijk Touringcars
This network company is located in Amsterdam. The company is led by the 4th generation and is located 15 minutes from the city centre and 20 minutes from Schipho Amsterdam Airport. The company is providing a full range of transport solutions and land services in Amsterdam. For more information about Oostenrijk, we kindly ask you to visit the companies website www.oostenrijk-bv.nl

Maaskant Reizen
This network company is located in Lith (Den Bosch), which is in the south of the Netherlands. The company is led by the 3rd generation. Maaskant Reizen is an outgoing touroperator and an international transportation company. The company is providing transport solutions throughout of Europe. Maaskant Reizen has a subsidiary in Poland too and therefore we can cover whole Europe. For more information about Maaskant Reizen, we kindly ask you to visit the companies website https://www.busreizen-maaskant.nl/

Our fleet

As two private operated companies, GPN Netherlands owns one of the largest and youngest fleet in The Netherlands. The fleet is very modern, luxurious and varied. It contains normal cars, mini-coaches, enlarged city coaches, regular city coaches, VIP coaches, double decked coaches, and luxury coaches. The two companies have a combined fleet of more than 100 coaches which are equipped with most modern techniques for the guests’ safety and for environmental protection. GPN Netherlands provides different sizes from cars, minivans, 16-, 19-, 30-, 44-, 49-, 54-, 60-, 62-, 75-, 85- till 90-seaters. For all your transportation needs in the Netherlands you don’t need to look no further,

Coach Amenities

We offer a wide selection of vehicles: touring coaches, minivans, VIP coaches, and limousine service. Our coaches are equipped with features from DVD, TV, fridge, tables, microphone, toilet, air condition, seat belts, leather seats, kitchen, luggage trailer, and more. The GPN Netherlands Fleet consist of approximately 100 vehicles in Netherlands.

Company’s other activities

  • Outgoing tour operators
  • Incoming tour operators (DMC)
  • Distributor of CMS Benelux (MB Sprinter Busses up to 22 seats)


GPN Netherlands has two locations in the Netherlands. GPN Netherlands can cover all your transportation needs throughout the Netherlands, Benelux and Europe.